Vulnerability Management: a guide to kick-starting a cybersecurity strategy leveraging cyber risk and vulnerability management platforms

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Mar 5, 2024 12:29:02 PM
Vulnerability Management: a guide to kick-starting a cybersecurity strategy leveraging cyber risk and vulnerability management platforms

Vulnerability Management is a well-known starting point for establishing a robust cybersecurity program in a business. It involves a proactive, continuous, and systematic process to identify, assess, prioritize, and remedy/mitigate security vulnerabilities within an organization's IT infrastructure. 

To approach it, we suggest you take two routes:

  1. Unveiling Established Vulnerabilities 
  2. Recognizing vulnerable logic, suboptimal practices, or misconfigurations

Route 1 focuses on detecting flaws already discovered and documented, usually listed with an ID in security advisories or vulnerability databases. Scanners cross-reference these sources to check if systems and applications are susceptible. Incomplete vulnerability metadata can lead to false negative results. 

On the other hand, Route 2 involves identifying Vulnerable Logic, Bad Practices, or Misconfigurations. This requires a nuanced approach, using rule-based engines, data flow analysis, and semantic analysis for a deeper understanding of the system. Findings are compared against predefined rules, coding standards, and security best practices to offer actionable insights for improving application and infrastructure security. 

Other Crucial Elements 

Scan Frequency: Consistent vulnerability scanning keeps up with evolving threats and system changes. Frequent scans, ideally part of an ongoing scanning process, maintain an updated perspective on the organization's security posture. 

Effective Communication through Reports: Develop clear, actionable reports to convey scan findings to relevant teams. Provide a concise overview of vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and recommended remediation steps.
Addressing Incorrect Flags and Missed Vulnerabilities: Dealing with inaccurately flagged vulnerabilities and overlooked ones is vital. Establish a protocol for the effective evaluation and handling of these findings. 

Incorporation into Overall Security Measures: Integrate vulnerability scanning into your broader security posture and incident response plan. Ensure that scan results contribute to the overarching risk management strategy. 

Tradeoffs to consider

Resource Utilization: Internal scanning may consume more resources, while external scanning is generally less resource-intensive.  

Speed and Breadth of Detection: Swiftly scanning for known vulnerabilities addresses common issues promptly but might overlook newly discovered or intricate vulnerabilities. 

Comprehensive Understanding: Authenticated scanning provides a deeper insight but requires elevated access levels. 

By leveraging Enveedo's strategic risk management capabilities in conjunction with Faraday's extensive pen testing and vulnerability management tools, users gain unparalleled efficiency in identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating cyber risks. 

This seamless integration enables the orchestration of over 150 tools and scanners, providing a holistic view of vulnerabilities across all user assets from a single, centralized dashboard. The collaboration between Enveedo and Faraday simplifies complex cybersecurity tasks, allowing for effective triage, remediation, and report generation, ensuring that our customer's security posture is both robust and resilient. 

Together, Enveedo and Faraday empower security teams to proactively manage cyber risks, streamline their security processes, and enhance their overall cybersecurity program with precision and ease.


Faraday is an all-in-one collaborative pentest and vulnerability management platform designed to help security teams prioritize, analyze, and correlate findings for effective triage and remediation. It orchestrates 150+ tools and scanners, enabling you to scan your domain and have a comprehensive view of risks across all user assets. Its single dashboard allows centralized vulnerability management and custom report generation

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